Monthly Archives: February 2012

Visit of BETA learners at Halley Movement

Fifteen learners of the Basic Education to Adolescents (BETA) programme will spend a day at the Halley Movement centre. They will be taught basic computer skills and share the time with staff and other stakeholders involved in child protection.

Taskforce Meeting

Halley Movement will chair the PSP Taskforce meeting scheduled for March 2012 in Amsterdam.

Online Counselling: Negotiation underway

Negotiations with potential stakeholders are going well with respect to the Online Counselling for children. Further talks are scheduled to take place in the coming weeks.

BETA: ICT courses for Marginalised children

ICT courses for young learners has been resumed and the first in the series is scheduled for 11 February 2012. Lunch and drinks will be provided to each of the learners. Transport arrangements have already been made.