YES – MAURITIUS is a subsidiary organ of  Halley Movement. YES stands for Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. YES Mauritius has been set up as part of a global campaign  to promote youth entrepreneurship and employment through engaging youth leadership. In collaboration with our South African partners, YES-Mauritius has been running the entrepreneurship programme since 2003.

Key Accomplishments :

  • Have partnered with YDN, South African High Commission and various other embassies in Mauritius.
  • Over 100 young entrepreneurs have been initiated to business skills. The government of Mauritius is also  providing loan facilities to the young entrepreneurs at low interest rates. Loans have been used to further the business.
  • The Mentorship Program has been recognized in the country and has brought volunteers from multiple sectors. Not only have mentors expressed their desire to volunteer, but some of the mentors also expect their protégées to work for them at the end of the program. The program has developed business skills and leadership skills including enhancing communication skills.

Current Major Initiatives:

  • Mentoring Young Entrepreneurs is part of the regional SADC program monitored by Youth Development Network (YDN) from South Africa. The mentors counsel their protégées in connection with bookkeeping, funds management, management of business
  • Mentorship program for young entrepreneurs
  • Awareness campaigns on Human Rights issues
  • Initiating Young Entrepreneurs to Business Skills

Internet Child Safety Foundation (ICSF) 

ICSF is promoting at creating a society of responsible and alert Internet users among children and youths in Mauritius and Sub-Saharan Africa. The Foundation aims at supporting parental education, encouraging positive content for children and encouraging safe surfing. For more information on Internet Child Safety Foundation, please visit ICSF.