Mauritius Internet Governance Forum 2023

The Mauritius Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2023 is a landmark event poised to bring together visionaries, experts, and stakeholders from across the globe to engage in crucial dialogues about the evolving landscape of the digital realm.

With the theme “Data Governance in Mauritius“, this year’s forum is dedicated to exploring the dynamic intersections of technology, policy, and society.

The Mauritius IGF 2023 promises to be a platform of knowledge exchange, innovation, and forward-looking discussions that will catalyze positive change in the digital landscape.

Topic Sessions

  • Using technology for SDGs Advocacy
  • Empowering Youth Voices in IG to combat Child Sexual Abuse
  • Protecting Children Online Ensuring a Safe Digital Environment
  • IG & Taxation: Bridging the Gap
  • Leveraging Technology for Centric Development
  • Balancing Cybersecurity and Digital Rights


  • Parliamentarians
  • Civil Society
  • Academia
  • Government Representatives
  • IT Industry
  • Corporate Sectors & Media

Event Highlights


Interactive Discussions

Engage in thoughtprovoking conversations led by renowned experts on
topics ranging from digital innovation to cybersecurity, digital inclusion, and beyond.


Global Collaboration

Connect with international delegates, policymakers, industry leaders, and
civil society representatives to foster crossborder collaboration and information sharing.


Policy Insights

Gain insights into the latest digital policies, trends, and regulations that are
shaping the digital future of Mauritius and the Indian Ocean Island States.


Innovation Showcase

Explore groundbreaking digital solutions, cuttingedge technologies, and
transformative projects that are propelling the region’s digital transformation.


Youth Voices

Hear from the next generation of leaders and innovators as they share their
perspectives on “The Future of ChatGPT in Mauritius and Indian Ocean Island States”.


Inclusive Engagement

Join us in advocating for a more inclusive digital society, where diverse
voices and perspectives contribute to shaping a sustainable and equitable digital future.