Halley Movement Develops And Implements Programs That Has A Direct Impact On The Community.

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Child Rights

Child Rights

The Convention on the Rights of the Child recognises that children should grow up in a healthy and protective environment so that individuals develop fully and harmoniously. In any society, the social fabric undergoes constant pressure.

Child Helpline

The service will raise awareness of children and communities about their rights, provide phone guidance and support to children and parents.

Our Programs
Child Education


The Basic Education To Adolescents (BETA) program aims at providing functional literacy, computer courses and numeracy to primary school dropouts.

The Youth Entrepreneurship

The youth entrepreneurship Mentorship programme foaims at stimulating and creating youth employment in Mauritius. It provides a linkage between between private sector and young entrepreneurs for the sharing of resources.

Strong Team
Bicycle Lesson

The Intergeneration Project

Intergeneration is a term that is being used to refer to the different generations of people living on the planet. Intergeneration extends from early childhood to elderly persons.

Child Finance Initiative

This programme aims at teaching financial education to youths and children in Mauritius. This teaching initiative encourages ‘learning by doing’ through songs, games, roleplay, story telling, creative activities and group discussions.

Pig Money Saver
Child Internet Safety

Internet Safety

Halley Movement, through its subsidiary organ – Internet Child Safety Foundation – seeks to protect our children while they are online. The Internet is a a useful tool for our children, however, they are often ignorant of the risks that they may face.

Child Marriage

Halley Movement & PAN Mauritius Child Marriage Programme.

Child Marriage

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