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Intergeneration Project


Intergeneration is a term that is being used to refer to the different generations of people living on the planet. Intergeneration extends from early childhood to elderly persons.

Following a research study carried out by Halley Movement in Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean islands, it was revealed that elderly persons can contribute in various ways in solving problems linked to the family. While the research outcome shows that elderly and young persons rarely work in concert in community, Halley Movement started a series of workshops and conferences on Intergeneration.

Ideas and information gathered during these sessions and conferences culminated in the production of a booklet on Intergeneration – “Livret sur l”Intergeneration”. This booklet is meant to give a brief insight into the Intergeneration process towards an integration of all generations for harmonious human relationship.

Halley Movement tried to bridge the gap between the generations. Informal meetings, workshops are held across the country involving elderly people and youth to share ideas and practices of the past. This enhances communication in the family, strengthen community values and prevent young persons from going astray.

Livret sur l\’intergénération

Following the Research Work the book \”Livret sur l\’intergénération\” was launched.

Intergeneration Booklet