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Youth Advisory Panel

The Youth Advisory Panel is a diverse and inclusive group of young individuals passionate about positively impacting their communities.

The Youth Advisory Panel (YAP)

YAP brings the youth’s voice, ideas, and perspective into Halley Movement’s work and activities. The NGO value the voices and perspectives of young people. That’s why we have created a Youth Advisory Panel (YAP), a platform for youth to actively participate in shaping the initiatives and projects of our organisation.

Youth Advisory

Join the Youth Advisory Panel

Halley Youth

Be part of an exciting youth team who are motivated and wants to make a change for the better as well as gain some valuable experiences.

No experience is needed
Applications are open to young people aged 16 – 19 years old.
Passionate about youth engagement to make a lasting change.
Work with other committed young people in Mauritius & Rodrigues Islands
Required to attend the Youth Advisory and quarterly meetings.
Required to commit to the 2-year term for Youth Advisory Panel duration.