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Mauritius-Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a collaborative leadership event that encourages policy dialogue between State and Non-State actors and amongst stakeholders on the issue of Internet Governance. The Mauritius IGF tries to group together all stakeholders whereby they are treated equally in their role of dialogue. It gives an exclusive space for people to interact and develop solutions concerning Internet problems. Mauritius IGF aims at providing a forum at the national and regional levels that engages industry, government, academicians, educational institutions, media and civil society on debates about Internet Governance issues. The importance of the issues is directed towards stakeholder’s empowerment, of all disciplines, gender and ages.

Secretariat of Mauritius IGF & sub regional African (Af IOS) IGF

Mauritius IGF and African-Indian Ocean Island States IGF (Af IOS) will have the operation Secretariat’s role entrusted to Halley Movement.
Halley Movement supports the national Mauritius IGF as a neutral secretariat, endorsed by its multi stakeholder organising committee.

Past Mauritius IGF events


Citizens’ Dialogue on ‘Connecting the Digital Dots in Africa’

Halley Movement Coalition hosted Mauritius Internet Governance Forum 2020 (Mauritius IGF) on 10th of October, 2020. The forum was a collaborative initiative between State and Non-State actors, encouraging policy dialogue among stakeholders on issues of Internet Governance.

Topic Sessions

  • Internet and Me
  • Building a Strong Digital Identity
  • Shaping the Digital Public Sphere
  • Governing Artificial Intelligence
  • Children and Internet Governance
  • Internet for and with the Citizens


  • Parliamentarians
  • Government Representatives
  • Civil Society
  • Academia
  • IT Industry
  • Corporate Sectors & Media

The forum was live streamed on our Facebook page