Safety Online


Online safety is a critical aspect of our digital lives, as more and more of our personal information and activities are conducted over the internet.

Internet Child Safety


Halley Movement, through its subsidiary organ – Internet Child Safety Foundation – seeks to protect our children while they are online. The Internet is a useful tool for our children, however, they are oftentimes ignorant of the risks that they may face.

While the current trend for most families is to possess  personal computer, internet users are more at risk with online dangers. Chat, emails and the internet in itself are dangerous tools that we use in everyday life. Since most families are unaware of such problems they may face, ICSF has started a safe surfing campaign in the country and has now extended to other countries as well.

The overall objective of ‘Safe Surfing Campaign’ is to promote safe internet use by everybody and be prudent online. Colleges, executives, kids and family are all being briefed on safety rules while being online. Posters, bookmarks, and leaflets are all used to educate internet users to take precaution online.