Research Studies

Research plays an important role at Halley Movement. We believe that through research studies, we are better prepared to devise policies and measures for the protection of our children. Research guides us for the need of capacity building of stakeholders working with children such as teachers, & community leaders, and also contributes towards devising an action plan in a preventive way to address current or forthcoming children’s issues.


Halley Movement is thankful to the various international organisations which have believed in our actions and supported us in conducting various research studies since 1990.

In 1990 a research study on child battering in Mauritius was conducted in 8 regions including urban and rural areas. The aim of the research study was to determine the reasons behind the increasing rate of child battering in Mauritius. Six years later, in 1996, Halley Movement conducted a research to determine the current level of education in regions in the south of the country. In 1996 again, Halley Movement  conducted a research on “Empowerment of Elderly in Child Welfare” and this culminated in a series of policy to involve the elderly to safeguard the welfare of our children.