Research work


Research plays an important role at Halley Movement. We believe that through research studies, we are better prepared to devise policies and measures for the protection of our children. Research guides us for the need of capacity building of stakeholders working with children such as teachers, & community leaders, and also contributes towards devising an action plan in a preventive way to address current or forthcoming children’s issues.

Study on Child Battering in Mauritius

The aim of the research study was to determine the reasons behind the increasing rate of child battering in Mauritius


Research on education level in southern regions of Mauritius

Following the Research Work a report was published.


Empowerment of Elderly in Child Welfare

Following the Research Work a report was published.


Online Counselling in Mauritius

The aims were to enlighten all stakeholders involved in child protection to think towards new trends in counselling.


Impact of Internet on Children in Mauritius

The main aim of the study was to collect data to answer the key research question about how children in Mauritius are using the Internet and study and describe the impact on the users.

“The recommendations of the report have been acknowledged by the Government in Mauritius in 2009 and this has lead to the setting up of a national committee of child safety online.” Halley Movement is a member of that committee.