About us

Halley Movement is a coalition of charitable organisations working for the welfare of Children and family in Mauritius and in the Southern African region.

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Mauritius School on Internet Governance (SIG)

15 – 26 August 2022


Mauritius Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

Mauritius-Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a collaborative leadership event that encourages policy dialogue between State and Non-State actors and amongst stakeholders on the issue of Internet Governance.

Mauritius IGF

An exclusive space for people to interact and develop solutions concerning Internet problems.

Mauritius Youth Internet Governance Forum

Platform for local youth to learn about Internet governance and voice out their opinions.

Our Services

Helpline Mauritius

Free, Confidential, One-to-One counselling via Chat, Phone & Email

Internet Child Safety Foundation

The Foundation aims at supporting parental education, encouraging positive content for children and encouraging safe surfing.

Internet Initiatives Academy

To educate and develop the professionals with necessary skills required in the tech field.

Mauritius Internet Governance Forum

The Mauritius-IGF is an initiative that fosters policy dialogue among stakeholders on issues of Internet governance.

Defence for Children Mauritius

DCI Mauritius is an organisation working towards promoting and safeguarding the Rights of Children in Mauritius with a special focus on juvenile justice.

Legal Services

Providing comprehensive legal services.

Our Programs

Our free services are oriented towards the community with a dedicated team of volunteers and professional individuals the NGO offers community based support :

  • Child Rights
  • Child Helpline
  • Education
  • Youth Entrepreneurship

Our Projects

The concern of the community has raised alert flags at Halley Movement. We have witnessed a raised in issues affecting the family, child and elderly.

Halley Movement has carried out a number of research on themes that are the focus of attention in the region as well as in the world. Professionals, experts, volunteers as well as community leaders are all involved when a research is undertaken.


Projects :

  • Research
  • Publication
  • Training
  • Counselling