Mauritius School on Internet Governance

Mauritius School on Internet Governance

Call For Application – Deadline is 25th October 2021

The Mauritius School on Internet Governance (Mauritius SIG) is a capacity building programme designed for IT professionals and graduate students keen to learn more about digital innovation, the impact of the Internet and other digital technologies and Internet governance.

This initiative is convened and hosted by Mauritius IGF. The aim of the Mauritius School on Internet Governance is to create an avenue for people from diverse sectors and backgrounds to acquire the requisite skills in order to participate meaningfully to Internet Governance discourse at the local, national, regional and the international levels.

The school is mainly addressed to citizens and residents of economies in Southern African region and the neighbouring Indian Ocean Island States.

There are NO FEE requirements for participants. Certificates will be awarded to participants after completion.

Mauritius SIG is under the aegis of Halley Movement run by Internet Initiatives Academy.

If you have any questions please get in touch:

Curriculum Content

  • History & Overview of Internet Governance

    To give an overview of developments and applications on the evolution and use of the internet.