Call for Partners for Good Digital Parenting Campaign in Mauritius

Halley Movement and PAN-Mauritius Coalition are looking for partners

Digital Campaign

Halley Movement & PAN-Mauritius Coalition launched the ‘Good Digital Parenting’ National Campaign in Mauritius on August 11, 2016. Parents of the township of Vacoas & Phoenix attended the launch together with the South African Deputy Ambassador and Mayor of the township.

This innovative campaign will target parents who will be empowered to gain a strong understanding of the risks, harms and rewards that come with their child being online. Good Digital Parenting campaign will identify the risks and address ways to mitigate the harms so that parents and children can reap the rewards of digital technology.

The Coalition will travel to several places in Mauritius and Rodrigues Island to target thousands of parents and disseminate the mission message that ‘We all want to be good parents and raise our children as well as we can’.

Halley Movement will also embark on a research study, a capacity building workshop for leaders and a National Stakeholders Forum.

Halley Movement and PAN-Mauritius Coalition are looking for partners to join us in this campaign.

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