Universal Periodic Review Report for Mauritius, UN Human Rights Council

Universal Periodic Review Report for Mauritius, UN Human Rights Council

Halley Movement through DCI–Mauritius has already submitted its report as one of the stakeholders to the Universal Periodic Review. The Universal Periodic Review for Mauritius will be held at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on Wednesday 23 October.

A meeting was held in Mauritius with all stakeholders and was chaired by Foreign Affairs Minister. Halley Movement was invited to that meeting. A high level delegation led by the Hon. Minister will proceed to Geneva for the review.

Halley Movement’s report to the UPR has been based on the fact that DCI-Mauritius and its partner organisations advocate for children’s rights in Mauritius. DCI-Mauritius scrutinises the work of the different ministries and where appropriate makes statement in that respect. An online counselling service has been running since 2012 and Halley Movement has been working in the field of child protection since 1989. The online counselling service has allowed DCI-Mauritius to understand the behaviour of children and to register breach of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

In the report submitted by DCI-Mauritius a variety of issues pertaining to children’s rights has been thoroughly dealt with and they include the following among others:

  • Protocols and the UN CRC
  • Progress/ changes since the last review
  • Violations of the rights of the child
  • Actors working with children and conformity to the dignity of the child
  • Examples of good practices
  • Recommendations to the government

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